Andrew Mark Construction and architect/designers will work hand-in-hand with you on every project, guiding you through the estimation process to come up with practical, timely engineering solutions, and stunning aesthetics for beautiful, cost-effective results.


All project estimates are thoroughly documented and presented to you in a package outlining the detail and quality that will accompany the construction of your home or business.

For additional questions about our estimation process, please contact us.

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The Estimation Process

Phase One: Consultation
Prior to project initiation, AMC Owner, Andrew Mark Gilchrist will provide you with several private consultation sessions to assess your needs and determine a project plan and budget. Our commitment to providing personalized assistance throughout the planning process insures a thorough understanding of your unique set of priorities and individual preferences.

Phase Two: Preliminary Estimate
Following an initial consultation, a site walk-through is conducted with the client in order for the architect/designer to gain a better understanding of the scope of the project. Preliminary drawings will usually be available at this time.
We will then prepare an overall ‘best guess’ or ballpark estimate based on: preliminary drawings, previous consultations, site walk- through, and expert knowledge surrounding the particular aspects of the project. This preliminary pricing phase provides a reasonable forecast of what overall construction costs will be, and allows you to refine or reevaluate the project scope before construction drawings are finalized.

Phase Three: Final Contract
During this final stage of contract preparation, AMC will work with a completed set of detailed construction drawings. We will conduct a number of site walk-throughs with our various subcontractors to refine pricing on specific areas of work. We then prepare a final contract, including a detailed project outline and schedule. Once satisfied, the contract is signed by both parties, and the work begins.